Ethical Living

Values-based Living is an ethically grounded approach to life. It raises awareness of ourselves and the positive universal values that are personal to us and that guide the way we live. It encourages us to develop our capacity to be ethically intelligent.  This means that we do our best to consciously, ethically self-regulate our behaviour for the good of ourselves, others and our planet. We do this by choosing enhancing values such as integrity, courage, trust and responsibilty.  

Our lives become enriched when we raise awareness of the values that are meaningful to us in a number of ways:

The IVET Foundation promotes Self-leadership as a way to improve both personal wellbeing and social cohesion for a sustainable, secure world for everyone. It is proud and honoured to have Dr Richard Schwartz, pioneer of the world renown Internal Family Systems of Psychotherapy, as an Affiliate. 

Dick Schwartz, (centre) IVET Affiliate. Founder of the transformational Internal Family Systems of Psychotherapy and the Centre for Self-leadership