The International Values-based Education Trust, known as the IVET Foundation, is a UK registered charity. 

Meet our Trustees:

Dr Neil Hawkes Founder

Bridget Knight 

Sue Jones 

Jane Hawkes


The IVET Foundation is fortuate to have a group of Patrons who are outstanding both professionally and personally.  They are such excellent role models.

Meet our Patrons

Professor Mick Waters

Professor Ruth Crick

Professor Bart McGettrict

Sir John Jones

Professor Richard Pring

Professor Mark Chater

Why are Patron's involved with the IVET Foundation?

Professor McGettrict told us...

"This Trust is a focal point for those who wish to share contemporary thinking and engage in discussion about the centrality of values in education and in a caring society.  The promotion of education which is inspired by a sense of love for "the other"; the conviction of a society of hope; and striving for justice in the world will provide a strategic framework for all who are concerned with social change.  The activities of this trust advance this mission, and provides support for all who are committed to this vision of a better world through improving the life chances of young people."