Social Transformation

The IVET Foundation 

IVET is spearheading a movement for social transformation. This website explains how the transformation works and invites you to be a part of our movement.

Our world faces significant existential challenges such as climate change, decline in mental health and wellbeing, polarised ideology, famine, wars and extreme natural disasters. 

War in the Ukraine, the Middle East and many more places, is not only tragically affecting the people who live there but creating both economic and social distress throughout the world.

Political movements, such as Populism, are rising in line with people’s disillusionment with their experience of life and there is a deep and growing distrust of leaders. War is not only affecting the people who experience it but is creating both economic and social distress throughout the world. 

Social media has unleashed a culture that accommodates the free expression of abuse and hate. Fake news proliferates. The world has not experienced before the devastating consequences of unbridled self-interest. Technological advances such as artificial intelligence (AI), combined with short-term perspectives have created the perfect conditions for humans to destroy our planet.

We are experiencing leaders without integrity, individuals behaving without trust and nations having inadequate regard for its people or the planet. People are fearful, a condition that fuels extremism in all its guises.

Yet there is HOPE

The IVET Foundation believes that we urgently need to transform our culture, from a worldview that is divisive and destructive to one which is cohesive and respectful of all people and the planet. This was a strand in a talk I gave in February in Abu Dhabi.  The conference was looking at the links between Values-based Education and Islamic Values.  It was a very positive conference.

The IVET Foundation supports the raising of awareness, coupled with a deep understanding of positive universal human values, such as respect, empathy, compassion and justice in a concept that we call values-based living

Positive human values are the principles that drive pro-social, ecologically responsible thoughts and behaviours, to effect a social transformation that restores humanity to a state of harmony within itself and with the planet on which our futures depend.

Strategic Overview

The IVET Foundation supports the implementation of activities that promote the objective of social transformation. The originating focus was to establish cultural transformation in schools, through the Values-based Education project. We estimate that over 1 million children every day are taught in values-based environments.

We have since expanded our scope of work as outlined in the chart below.