Revisioning Education

A New Vision for Education

This is a renewed articulation of the transformative Values-based Education vision for education in schools nationally and across the world.

Its driving ethic is the promotion of exceptional holistic educational provision for children and young people.

As schools embrace the ongoing changes and challenges of our age, our movement offers a consistent principle that values-based education is essential for individual thriving, enabling contribution to the common good for society.


Dr Neil Hawkes, founder of IVET, explains the rationale behind our new approach to education.


Our vision for education reaches schools of all foundations and forms, offering as it does a commitment to academic excellence in union with the enhancement of moral, emotional and spiritual sensibilities.

We guide all our children become vibrant, successful, able to embrace and grow from the challenges they meet with increasing resilience.

We help them to develop a well-spring of emotional and spiritual intelligence for their lifetime.

Values-based schools embed opportunities for critical thinking¸ reflection, and the development of wisdom through personal endeavour.

This finest educational provision is rooted in an ethos that honours and nurtures the individual wellbeing and development of both pupils and staff.

The whole approach is characterised by care, compassion and commitment.


We are so proud of our schools that, in a myriad of ways, live out this vision.

They regard values-based education as indispensable.

We are so grateful to their leaders who innovate in a principled way to create the best possible experiences for their pupils.

They create aspirational thinkers, reflective learners and responsible participators through:

  • A strong leadership dynamic that models appropriate behaviour and empowers others.

  • Empowering vocabulary and language that helps shape thoughts, ideas and attitudes.

  • Shaping a values-led curriculum which supports successful teaching and learning.

  • Engaging an inner curriculum, improving well-being, resilience and behaviour, infusing all aspects of education, and elevating the lives of children and young people.


This is a deeply practical route to a more socially inclusive, motivating and rewarding school experience, enabling learners to become more engaged and flourish in the world.

All schools, in a broad spectrum of contexts and countries, that are involved in this approach cite the profound impact it has on the pupils and staff.

The majority cite its impact on the development of positive social character traits, enhancement of behaviour, relationships and attitudes and the consequent improvement in academic performance.

It has been integral to turning around failing schools as well as to enhancing the practice in the highest performing ones.

We believe that our vision and purpose for values-based education will both inspire and endorse school practice for the present and for the years to come.

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