IVET Initiatives

Our mission is to inspire individuals and organisations to live a values-based life, which we believe will lead to the flourishing of humanity and our planet creating harmony.

This section will outline some of our initiatives.

Our main highly successful initiative has been to support schools and other settings to develop a values-based culture www.valuesbasededucation.com 

Our work is having a profound effect on schools worldwide.

Our Founder Neil Hawkes is in demand worldwide as an inspirational speaker and social commentator. See neilhawkes.com 

We intend to work to inspire adults and organisations to adopt Values-based Living, through the development of their ethical intelligence.  Self-leadership, based on a chosen ethical set of values, gives meaning, purpose and direction to our personal lives. 

We encourage  our Affiliates to actively model and celebrate  their values;  in so doing influence a positive change in society is a major focus for us.

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The IVET Foundation is a movement, so please share your great ideas about how IVET can achieve its goal -  see Contact