How to Join

     We invite you to join our Foundation as one of our esteemed Affiliates. 

The only qualification is that you agree to promote the Affiliates’ Charter in your own life and work.

The Foundation welcomes the support of individuals, organisations, businesses, schools, colleges, universities and charities that sign-up to the charter of affiliation.


Affiliation has two main purposes:

Becoming an Affiliate

Please download the Charter as a PDF version by clicking here. Sign a copy of the Charter and return it by email to .  Please include a paragraph in your email indicating what values-based living means to you.

Please also keep a copy of the Charter for yourself. Remember, you may make an application for yourself as an individual and/or the organisation you represent. After your application has been ratified you will be issued with a Certificate of Affiliation, which we hope you will prominently display at home and at work. You are permitteed to make multiple copies to display in different settings.This will encourage others to ask about the IVET Foundation’s objectives and increase the imapct we are having.


There are no fees involved with becoming an Affiliate. However, we invite donations from you to support the activities and objectives set out in this website. Your donation will help us make a difference in the world. 

The IVET Foundation is working to support the development of values in schools, communities and businesses. For instance, we have helped the development of a values-based remote rural school in Kenya, built by teacher Stephen Njoroge Kamau who is an amazing values role model for the children.

Mariakani Gardens Rural School

Please donate by clicking the “Donate” button below.

Sharon Paris Chambers, IVET Affiliate working to promote a Values-based Society in Jamaica