Directory of IVET Affiliates

 IVET Affiliates


Mohamed Abbas

Melissa Amin

Tim Amaral  is an award-winning adult educator and teacher trainer from Salinas, USA. He specialises in the teaching and application of trauma-informed practices, social-emotional skills and needs-based responsiveness, for use in the classroom, workplace, and home. He is the creator of the SELf-Led Learning model.

Gayle Avery is a researcher and educational entrepreneur who helped pioneer the new field of Sustainable Leadership – a system of evidence-based practices that lead to high performing, resilient organisations while benefiting the planet and society. She shares the learnings by advising and educating senior executives around the world through the Institute for Sustainable Leadership. 


Brian Bantilan is a recipient of the Realtalk Philippines Asian Torch Excellence Award, for the Most Outstanding and Inspiring Humanitarian Advocate in the Field of Values Education. He is a Values Education Teacher at Philippines Science High School - Central Mindanao Campus in the Philippines.  Furthermore, the Focal Point for Living Values Education - Philippines, giving Values-Based Atmosphere Training/Workshops to the teachers, parents, students, social workers, leaders, and youth. 

Paul Barnett <> is Founder and CEO of the Enlightened Enterprise Academy which exists to support those who believe we face an existential crisis and need a New Enlightenment to transcend it. He advocates that the purpose of any business or organisation should be a values-based approach to the creation of value, in the form of sustainable widely shared prosperity.  This to be measured in terms of human flourishing and wellbeing, so that all may lead dignified lives, which is their universal right.     

David Bartlett  is founder of Pear Tree School, working directly with children and young people for nearly forty years. He combined his rural roots and love of the natural world to guide his practice, which specialises in helping children recover from trauma. Pear Tree School is on two farms where children learn to ride horses, work with animals and drive machinery as part of their everyday school timetable. He has devised systems to help support emotional well being and promote values which are freely available on line. He was awarded an MBE in 2016. 

Lee Batstone

Alex Bell

Stephen Berkeley.

Cheryl Bernabe Bishop

Amy Buckley

Danny  Buckley

Roz Burch


Nick Carus

El Chen

Gladston Chikwa

Jeff Conquest

Simon Cowley

Claire Crossman

Joanna Curry-Sartori


Sharon Dodgson

Michael Downey has worked in various Leadership positions in Australian Catholic Schools.  He is a consultant worldwide with Matters of Great Importance, providing Professional Development, leading retreats, facilitating workshops, speaking at conferences, peer support and writing.  

Richard Dunn


Tony Eaude was previously the headteacher of a primary school in the UK. Since 2003 has worked independently and published widely in areas related to children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and how this can be nurtured. Details of Tony’s work are on

Sabrina Edwards

Wendy Ellyatt  is a Global Thinker and Change Agent who is actively promoting values-based regenerative systems transformation across sectors. She is Founder of the Flourish Project, Co-lead of the Galileo Commission's Worldviews Study, Co-Lead of the Unitive Age Co-Lab, Co-author of the Unitive Narrative, Founder of the Unitive Wisdom Collaborative,  Co-founder of Living Cities Earth, Chair of the UK Spirituality in Education Alliance (SIEUK) and Global Council member of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

Jann Ernest Fesalbon


Richard Farrer


Tim George

Stephanie Giles

Scherto Gill

Jeannine Goh

Owen Goode

David Green


Simon Haas

Tim Handley

David Harding  Headteacher for 14 years in the UK. Proud to have led three separate schools to become high performing values-based schools and proud to be a VbE consultant.

Neil Hawkes is the founder of IVET Foundation and Values-based Education. He is known globally for his passion in helping humanity and our planet to flourish.

Jane Hawkes is a Trustee of IVET Foundation and a trainer in Values-based Education and its Inner Curriculum.  She is a IFS and TA psychotherapist working globally.

Lisa Hawkes  is a duel citizen of the UK and USA.  In the UK, she served for 6 years on Swindon's Borough Council and 10 years as a Governor of a secondary school.  Lisa now resides in Fort Collins, Colorado advocating a values-based system of working as co-owner of an art gallery that provides 30+ classes a month to the public. 

John Hendry

Charlotte Hickerton

Frances Hickmott

Jonathan Hooper

Richard Howard has spent 60 years in the UK in education as a Headteacher, Chief Adviser, Chair of an Educational Charity and Special School Governor. He champions exciting practice for teachers and children and that they should be able to flourish and enjoy learning.



Sue Jones

Paul Kabao


Ayoola Kehinde

Donia Keith

Bridget Knight

Peter Knox


Jasminder Lall

Lizzy Lewis

Terry Lovat


Jane MacRae

Danny Mayson-Kinder  is the CEO and Founder of the b kinder foundation.  Danny is the creator in Australia of the unique, positive evidence based b kinder programs and resources which, through early intervention, inspire children in their pivotal years to become kinder, more empathetic and more compassionate.  For Danny, values based living means having integrity and above all, being authentic.  Danny empowers student leaders to take action, make a difference and to lead with kindness creating a kinder, more connected world.  

Vicky Moore

Nicky Morgan

Alex Muto

Amanda Muto

Cheryl O’Meara



Nike Olatawura

Jason O'Rourke


Sharon Parris-Chambers

Harsha Patel

Sarah Phillips

Rebecca Pogose

Ioulia Polisouk



Sue Ripley 


Richard Schwartz Dick is the inspirational founder of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) theory of psychotherapy.  His transformative work in the USA has spread globally through comprehensive training programmes, and is having a profound influence because of the positive healing impact it has on people who experience it.

Wendy Scott

Ava Shabnum Hasan

Craig Shealy

Caroline Skingsley

Laura Steward

Andrei Stupu  is an amazing entrepreneur based in Romania. His passion is education. He is a business consultant, trainer, coach and researcher. He founded Andrew Beehive Consulting in order to help organisations become more inclusive to generational collaboration and develop moral education. Andrei  creates valuable educational designs, innovative learning experiences and inspirational content, based on intergenerational studies and ethical intelligence.

Jenny Swift


Julie Taylor

Ron Toomey

Mark Upton




Marneta Viegas


Phoebe-Jane Weir

Phil Whittall

Rachel Whitton

Mark Williams

Tracy Wilson

Peter Wiltshire

Floyd Woodrow



Novee Yap