The IVET Foundation

Promoting social transformation through greater engagement with positive universal values.

A message from our founder, Dr Neil Hawkes

“I am writing this personal message at an unprecedented time of national and international anxiety created by Covid-19. As you are aware, humanity is facing so many complex challenges: a lack of ethical leadership, existential threats from nature, overwhelming feelings of anxiety and helplessness. People are crying out for solutions.

Our world so desperately needs hope. Our charity, the IVET Foundation is bringing this hope, by being a social movement that aims to help individuals to enhance their own lives and by doing transform society.

I am aware that most people want the best for their families, themselves and society but they are often at a loss to know what to do and how they can make a difference. The IVET Foundation works to promote practical ways of making a positive difference in the world.

What makes the difference? The secret is for you to become more aware of the power of the values you choose to live in your life. From my personal and professional experience, I know that by embracing Values-based Living, which means to adopt a set of positive values in your life such as respect, honesty, equality, integrity, compassion and justice, life takes on a renewed sense of meaning and purpose. You experience wellbeing, enhanced self-knowledge, more meaningful personal relationships and a realisation that we can give hope to humanity.

How can you make a difference? May I invite you to become an Affiliate of the IVET Foundation? Before making your decision, you may care to read about our work on this site and also the changes we are making in Education by visiting or read about my work

How to become an Affiliate? Click here and follow the simple process.

I appreciate your support – together we can make a difference.”