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Promoting the flourishing of humanity and our planet through ethical leadership.  

Jane Hawkes, Trustee of the IVET Foundation, reflecting on the beauty of the Mou Waho Reserve in New Zealand. and how natural areas can be sustained and others regenerated.

A message to you from IVET's founder, Dr Neil Hawkes

"I am sending this personal message to you at an unprecedented time of national and international anxiety, which is affecting the wellbeing of so many people throughout the world. Humanity is facing so many complex challenges: a lack of ethical leadership, war, existential threats from nature, overwhelming feelings of anxiety and helplessness. People are crying out for meaningful solutions. 

We need ACTION. The IVET Foundation, a registered charity, is working hard to bring about constructive action, by sharing practical solutions to support individuals, groups, education settings and businesses to have the knowledge, skills and values to flourish. Through its Affiliates we are a movement for transformational change, focussing on human values such as integrity, justice and compassion that encourages ethical leadership in ourselves and in the roles we play in life.

Breaking news!

Our latest Affiliate, is the cognitive neuroscientist, Professor Mark Williams based in Australia.  His book, The Connected Species, is in my view a must read, as its research signposts the need for Values-based Living." I was talking with Mark and he said that what holds humanity back is the current focus on competition.  We need to shift the focus to cooperation, if we are to solve world problems. 

The United Nations

I recently was given the honour of representing the IVET Foundation at the United Nations in Geneva. I spoke about the transformational power of values-based ethical leadership in education and business.

The session organised by the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) and its partner Arrowad focussed on the need for ethical leadership in a multi-crises world. 

What do you want?

I am aware that most people want the best for their families, themselves and society, but they are often at a loss to know what to do and how they can make a difference. The Affiliates of the IVET Foundation work to promote practical ways of making a positive difference in the world. Together, they are a powerful movement to enable the transformation of society.

What is the IVET Foundation?

Affiliate Andrei Stupu writes:

"The IVET Foundation, is the pioneering organisation worldwide to promote the principles of Values-Based Living. It is an embodiment of transformative change. By joining the IVET Foundation, you're endorsing a movement that transcends conventional philanthropy; you're endorsing an investment in humanity's future. Committed to offering equitable access to values-based living through systemic interventions in education, communities, businesses all over the globe, IVET epitomizes the ethos of Values-based Living. Your support, whether through active involvement or financial contributions, directly shapes lives, fostering self-reliance and enabling individuals to construct sustainable futures. Partnering with IVET means advocating for a paradigm shift, enriching lives through instilling values, and fostering an environment where every individual can thrive and contribute positively to society. As an affiliate of IVET I feel empowered to bring change through a scientifically validated method that has a beating heart. The beating heart of education and of society!"

Are you inspired to be an Affiliate?

Affiliates work in their own fields of influence to make a difference. They represent every part of society and connect, when appropriate, with other Affiliates. They are changemakers! They are aware of the transformational power of the values they consciously choose to embrace and live in their lives. From my research and professional experience, I know that by embracing Values-based Living, each of us can positively influence society and transform lives.

When understood, experienced and lived, values such as respect, honesty, equality, integrity, compassion and justice, gives us a renewed sense of meaning and purpose. The impact on individuals is that they experience wellbeing, self-worth, enhanced self-knowledge, more meaningful personal relationships and a realisation that we can give hope to humanity.

You can make a difference? 

May I invite you to become an Affiliate of the IVET Foundation? Before making your decision, you may care to read about the amazing contributions our Affiiates are making to society.  Go to News from Affiliates   

Also, see the changes we are making in Education by visiting or read about my mission

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I appreciate your support – together we will make a difference.”