Directory of IVET Affiliates M-Z

 IVET Affiliates M-Z


Jane MacRae  founded Bloom in 2019 after a long career teaching biology. Bloom is a not-for profit educational organisation dedicated to connecting young people to nature. The emotional, intellectual, value-rich and experiential reach of nature-connection is made real through programmes of curriculum-linked outdoor workshops. Bloom works in London, mostly with inner city schools, where there is a great need for such opportunities.

Sr. Jacqueline C. Manuel, OP Value-based living is at the core of the mission statement of the Dominican International School. At DIS we believe that academic excellence is achieved primarily through the cultivation of virtues. Furthermore, we prioritize caring and valuing each person in the school community, respecting the different aspects of human culture and creation, preparing students, as decision makers, for a mature life of duties and responsibilities, equipped with spiritual and moral values, virtues, confidence, and wisdom essential for living in an ever-changing world. 

Duncan Mays has worked in the Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Medicines industry for almost 20 years.  He started out manufacturing the medicines, mixing the ingredients to make the tablets. This gave him what he describes  as, " A great feeling of doing something to help other people, by producing medicines that they depend on”.  Later in his career, he worked in Facilities Management, looking into waste segregation and other environmental improvements across the manufacturing site. Currently, with Accord Healthcare, he is in an EHS Business Partner role focussing on environmental work, but also the health and wellbeing of almost 750 people onsite as well as another site in UK.  His role encompasses Occupational Health as well as Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Mental Health.


Danny Mayson-Kinder  is the CEO and Founder of the b kinder foundation.  Danny is the creator in Australia of the unique, positive evidence based b kinder programs and resources which, through early intervention, inspire children in their pivotal years to become kinder, more empathetic and more compassionate.  For Danny, values based living means having integrity and above all, being authentic.  Danny empowers student leaders to take action, make a difference and to lead with kindness creating a kinder, more connected world.  

Ann Marie Mealey holds a Ph.D in ethics, is an author of monographs, articles and blogs that pertain to how ethical living should play out in the lives of people and in professions such as HE pedagogy. Ann Marie sits on multiple boards and committees that promote values of dignity, the common good, solidarity with the poor and marginalised groups in society.

Vicky Moore

Nicky Morgan is a former MP and UK Education Secretary who prioritised the teaching and development of pupils character whilst in office.   She wrote a book on this and has contributed to many other books and articles on character and values.  Now in the House of Lords she now chairs the UK Careers & Enterprise Company as part of her portfolio career.


Alex Muto is an artist and designer whose creative work aims to spread joy, hope and inspiration to those it reaches. He has a deep interest in helping heal and spread kindness and compassion around this world, inspired by the core messages of the IVET Foundation and its important values-based teachings at VBE

Amanda Muto

Cheryl O’Meara



Nike Olatawura

Jason O'Rourke is the Headteacher of Washingborough Academy in the UK. Jason is an advocate for food education and regularly speaks nationally and internationally on the topic. He has delivered Westminster Briefings as well as talks in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, and China. He is also a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on School Food and has been an advisor for the United Nations FAO. Jason is the co-founder and a trustee of TastEd, the sensory food education charity. 


Vikas Pahwa has been a secondary school teacher for the last 23 years across various schools in the Delhi NCR region of India. He says, "I have shared my experiences with students between 14-17, through the learning streams of History and Geography. During the last few years I have had the opportunity to explore Global Perspectives and ToK ( Theory of knowledge). I have experienced both National and International curricular. During the last two years I have had the opportunity to experience Podcasting, both as a guest and host. It’s been a great experience interacting with people from across the world. I am passionate about helping students to discover how thinking about, and living positive values will help them in their lives.

Sharon Parris-Chambers

Harsha Patel is an experienced school leader working for over 30 years in London schools in the UK. Each leadership role has called for to me to use a unique approach to inspire and uplift those around me. I am passionate about Values-based Education and the work of the IVET Foundation.  LOVE is my personal favourite value, which has guided my leadership. I have experienced how values have empowered the entire school community to present their best selves.  We hold the profound responsibility of shaping values in children, as they define who they are, what they stand for, and what they believe in. If you work in schools, I am happy to support you in driving values within your school community. 

Sarah Phillips  Headteacher of Loddon Primary School in Reading, England, since 2012. Has successful leadership, governance and teaching experience, spanning 30 years, in a number of local authorities within the South of England. Values based Education (VbE) underpins her approaches to both school improvement and community leadership. She is a VbE Adviser and Assessor, who also chairs a local VbE network of educators.  

Rebecca Pogose

Ioulia Polisouk is a Ukrainian living in Greece. He is a foreign language teacher.  Throughout his career  he has focused on teaching and propagating human values and life values to children and grown ups. In 2020 he founded an art workshop "Workshop stories" where he hold lots of different seminars dedicated to arts and handicrafts, supporting the value of art and its positive impact on people’s minds and hearts. 



Sue Ripley has worked with young children for many years in a Primary Schools in the UK, where positive behaviour management is of high importance. She has seen how challenging pupil behaviour has increased since the pandemic. Sue strives to maintain positive values by being a positive role model as a high level teaching assistant. She organises and coaches netball clubs to instil positive values, giving the children a voice in their own personal development and helping them to be values leaders and good role models themselves.


Richard Schwartz Dick is the inspirational founder of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) theory of psychotherapy.  His transformative work in the USA has spread globally through comprehensive training programmes, and is having a profound influence because of the positive healing impact it has on people who experience it.

Wendy Scott  is a Froebel trained nursery teacher, and, after many years experience in inner city and rural schools in the UK, has been a Local Authority early years inspector/adviser. She then was the voluntary role of CEO of the British Association for Early Childhood Education.  From there, she was appointed to the multiprofessional team in the DfE who were involved in setting up Sure Start.  She is currently the honorary President of TACTYC, and delighted to be working with an association of academics who are training students for work in the early years, and who produce four highly regarded Research Journals each year.  Now in her mid-80s, she feels it is a privilege to be able to continue to contribute to the field: the older she gets, the more she knows that there is nothing more important than what happens for young children and their families.  She believes that In spite of the UK's world-leading heritage of principled work in the early years, there is currently a poor understanding among policy makers about how young children learn; rather than providing informed advice, Ofsted (Government Inspection) enforces ignorant government policy in a simplistic way, so IVET has a powerful and much needed contribution to make in terms of values.

Craig Shealy  is Executive Director of the International Beliefs and Values Institute in the USA. He leads a range of international activities including the Cultivating the Globally Sustainable Self Summit Series; various research and applied projects from the Summit Series will be published in a book that Dr. Shealy is editing for Oxford University Press. His research on the etiology, maintenance, and transformation of beliefs and values – explicated through Equilintegration (EI) Theory, the EI Self, and the Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI) – has been featured in multiple publications, including Making Sense of Beliefs and Values: Theory, Research, and Practice, a recent volume with Springer Publishing, and other scholarly forums. The BEVI is used in a wide array of settings and contexts (e.g., clinical, educational, forensic, leadership, organizational), both in the U.S. and internationally, and has been selected for several grant-based initiatives.

Caroline Skingsley  began her teaching career in London in 1983 and taught in various boroughs of London before moving back to her home town of Bedford to get married and start a family. 

She took on her second and current Headship in 2005. Her school is an outstanding Values-based school where the wellbeing of every child and member of staff is her priority.

Laura Seward is a huge advocate for Values based education and its Inner Curriculum, living and practicing this beautiful system and way of being in her work as a psychotherapist, play therapist and as a biodynamic breathwork practitioner (BBTRS) operating globally.

Andrei Stupu  is an amazing entrepreneur based in Romania. His passion is education. He is a business consultant, trainer, coach and researcher. He founded Andrew Beehive Consulting in order to help organisations become more inclusive to generational collaboration and develop moral education. Andrei  creates valuable educational designs, innovative learning experiences and inspirational content, based on intergenerational studies and ethical intelligence.

Jenny Swift  is a former teacher and school leader, now working as a Positive Leadership Coach and Trainer in the UK. As the founder of Light Up Edu-leadership,she supports school leaders through the complexities of their role helping them take positive, values-based actions that benefit whole school communities.  The Positive Leadership Hub at Light Up Edu-Leadership is dedicated to supporting school leaders in prioritizing the well-being of both themselves and their school communities.


Julie Taylor is the chairperson of the Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust in the UK. Julie joined the Board in September 2022 following her relocation to Northern Ireland in 2021. Julie was the former Chief Executive of the Thomas Deacon Education Trust in England. TDET is a multi-academy trust and charitable organisation which provides exceptional teaching, learning and care for more than 5,000 pupils, many of whom are disadvantaged, raising  aspirations and outcomes across a diverse range of nursery, primary and secondary schools and academies. It is one of the largest employers in Peterborough with nearly 1,000 employees and a budget of £50m. Julie chaired the Peterborough CEO network.

After 38 years in schools, Julie still retains a strong interest in education and remains a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching. She is a founder member and former director and chairperson of Schools of Tomorrow, a member-owned social enterprise open to all schools seeking values-led, research-informed change with a unique focus on developing student leadership. Julie was a former Board member of Peterborough Environmental Charitable Trust and she has a keen interest in protecting and promoting heritage and the environment.

Ron Toomey  is an Emeritus Professor in Australia, having held numerous positions within the education sphere, including roles as a Secondary School Teacher of Social Science; Queensland State Education authority curriculum developer for Social Science and a Senior Educational Administrator within the Victorian Higher Schools Certificate Curriculum and Assessment Authority. He has also been a university academic in several Australian Education Faculties including University of Melbourne, Queensland University of Technology, La Trobe University and Victoria University working in the field of curriculum studies. Over the last twenty years, he has worked on numerous national and international projects related to Values-based Education.

Mark Upton writes: "Values-based Education should lie at the heart of good education, for all ages. At Westholme School in the UK, we have recently built in to our Strategic Plan that learning takes place when youngsters construct their own knowledge & understanding of values and attitudes. In fact, it’s built in to the definition of learning in our Learning & Teaching policy. In this dynamic and chaotic age in which we all live, values represent a vital and binding constant within learning communities. Not surprisingly, our learning walks and lesson observations now also include looking for values based learning & teaching in action."



FabienneValies  (Human) BEing & curious lifelong, lifewide, lifedeep learner  simply exploring how YOU/I/WE may ALL flourish TOGETHER; one imperfectly perfect conversation at a time.

Marneta Viegas  is the founder of Relax Kids in the UK - As Seen on BBC Dragons’ Den. She has been supporting children’s mental wellbeing for over 25 years and was the first company in the UK to bring mindfulness and relaxation to young children. Relax Kids is values-based and helps support children to manage anxiety, emotional issues, sleeping problems, stress and low-self esteem with calming audios, books and a variety of classes.


Phoebe-Jane Weir

Phil Whittall  is Chair of Governor at a VBE school in the UK. He says, "A lot of what I have learned from our school, I have taken into my professional business role as a Team manager and used it to inspire and lead my teams. Values and being able to stick to them are important in business and leading people."

Rachel Whitton

Mark Williams  is an internationally recognised neuroscience professor, based in Australia, who has worked with thousands of students, teachers, health professionals, and company directors keen to understand how their brain works. He is co-director of Brain Camp, a neuroscience holiday program for kids and his new book “The Connected Species” is a #1 best seller.

Tracy Wilson

Peter Wiltshire  has been an Educator within the Australian Independent school system. His work has involved classroom teaching, staff and student mentoring, pastoral care development and Ethics pedagogical research. He is also an ordained minister of the Uniting Church in Australia. Peter’s current  action research is through Rotary International’s Youth Services Programs, Early Act and Interact. As Director of Youth Services Rotary Club Mount Martha, Victoria, Australia, Peter is leading the implementation of an important values-based leadership and community service program (Rotary Interact) within a local Grammar School in Mount Martha. He has recently completed two years of professional development through Cornell University NY in Servant Leadership and Systems Thinking.

Floyd Woodrow is the founder of Compass for Life (CfL) in the UK. He and his team work to help individuals and organisations find their guiding North Star to fulfilment.  Floyd is an outstanding presenter and inspirational human being who inspires others to be the best version of themselves they can be.



Novee Yap