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 IVET Affiliates A-L


Mohamed Abbas is a devoted Social Entrepreneur with a profound commitment to fostering Social Values and nurturing Social Relationships on a global scale. As the Managing Trustee of "CREATER," Mohamed demonstrates a strong passion for social entrepreneurship, actively engaging in various endeavors aimed at driving positive social change. With a keen understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Mohamed strives to make a meaningful impact on society. His visionary leadership and purpose-oriented approach empower him to address societal challenges creatively and develop innovative solutions.

Melissa Amin is the Director of Sustainability at Devocion in the USA, a coffee company that works with small coffee growers in Colombia. She promotes social and environmental practices as well as a value driven culture within the company and in her sphere of influence. 

Tim Amaral  is an award-winning adult educator and teacher trainer from Salinas, USA. He specialises in the teaching and application of trauma-informed practices, social-emotional skills and needs-based responsiveness, for use in the classroom, workplace, and home. He is the creator of the SELf-Led Learning model.

Gayle Avery is a researcher and educational entrepreneur who helped pioneer the new field of Sustainable Leadership – a system of evidence-based practices that lead to high performing, resilient organisations while benefiting the planet and society. She shares the learnings by advising and educating senior executives around the world through the Institute for Sustainable Leadership. 


Brian Bantilan is a recipient of the Realtalk Philippines Asian Torch Excellence Award, for the Most Outstanding and Inspiring Humanitarian Advocate in the Field of Values Education. He is a Values Education Teacher at Philippines Science High School - Central Mindanao Campus in the Philippines.  Furthermore, the Focal Point for Living Values Education - Philippines, giving Values-Based Atmosphere Training/Workshops to the teachers, parents, students, social workers, leaders, and youth. 

Paul Barnett <> is Founder and CEO of the Enlightened Enterprise Academy which exists to support those who believe we face an existential crisis and need a New Enlightenment to transcend it. He advocates that the purpose of any business or organisation should be a values-based approach to the creation of value, in the form of sustainable widely shared prosperity.  This to be measured in terms of human flourishing and wellbeing, so that all may lead dignified lives, which is their universal right.     

David Bartlett  is founder of Pear Tree School, working directly with children and young people for nearly forty years. He combined his rural roots and love of the natural world to guide his practice, which specialises in helping children recover from trauma. Pear Tree School is on two farms where children learn to ride horses, work with animals and drive machinery as part of their everyday school timetable. He has devised systems to help support emotional well being and promote values which are freely available on line. He was awarded an MBE in 2016. 

Lee Batstone is an inspirational headteacher of a rural primary school in Herefordshire, UK. He has been a headteacher for 19 years and has introduced Values Based Education (VbE) in city and rural settings. He believes that VbE is the very foundation of a successful school culture and is one of the most impactful aspects of school.  His transformational curriculum, which integrates values into  the school's regular use of a nearby forest, owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, attracted a personal visit by Prince William and Princess Kate - who were inspired by what they witnessed.

Alex Bell  is a master practitioner executive coach for school leaders in the UK and runs key worker retreats and youth sustainability festivals throughout the year.

Stephen Berkeley is a change and culture facilitator and builder of values-based communities. He has over 3 decades of experience in the Healthcare, Education, Research, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Natural Resources sectors at a leadership level across Australia, England, and India. Stephens's interest in values grew when he was introduced to the Living Values Education Program (LVEP) and went on to be the LVEP Coordinator for Australia from 1999 to 2004. He has been a facilitator of Values in Healthcare: A Spiritual Approach (VIHASA) since 2007. Stephen is the Director of Global Business for Flyntrok, an Australia-India human-centric change firm. Stephen is the host of Working With Values, conversations with thought leaders in the world of values.

Cheryl Bernabe Bishop  believes that VbE is the single most central solution available to the young people on the island of Grenada. She has written a VbE policy for the Granadian Government.  She believes that penetrating values into the walls of the schools and students lives will drive all students to create their personal values system and moral compass to guide them in their decision-making.  She is creating short power point presentation to share around the island.

She encourages children to Children to view themselves as Solutionaries.

Amy Buckley is a hairdresser and business owner in the UK. Amy runs her salon with values at the heart of it, creating a values-based culture of customer care, respect and excellent practice.

Danny  Buckley is a programme director and researcher at Leicester Castle Business School, UK. Danny is a passionate advocate of values-based leadership and teaching.

Emiliano Bosio is a leading educator and author known for his work on values-based and ethical global citizenship. Currently, Professor Bosio teaches at Toyo University in Tokyo and is the editor of Conversations on Global Citizenship Education (Routledge), Value-Creating Education: Teachers’ Perceptions and Practice (Routledge) and The Emergence of the Ethically Engaged University (Springer). Professor Bosio is the director of the Global Citizenship Education Interview Series on YouTube, which features scholars in the field of international comparative education.

Roz Burch


Nick Carus as CEO of Cordial World Ltd, champions a pioneering initiative aimed at redefining societal norms, acknowledging the critical imperative for a resilient "Third-Pillar" in our socio-political fabric. At Cordial World, our mission is centered on nurturing a collective ethos of dignity consciousness, empowering individuals and communities to confront existential risks with unwavering resilience and solidarity. Together, we chart a course towards a sustainable and harmonious future, cultivating an ecosystem conducive to universal flourishing.

El Chen  has studied and worked in the USA and China, teaching and developing arts-based workshops that explore character strengths, relational wellbeing, and communal bonding. She has come to find performing arts as an incredible conduit for us to explore, practise, and integrate new ways of acting and being. El says that over the last decade she has had so much luck and support to focus on her passion. And, through a surprising turn of events, she landed in London a few months ago to set up her practice anew with great success. 

Gladston Chikwa  is an experienced Higher Education professional who has led institutional learning and teaching enhancement projects in different countries including China, Oman and Zimbabwe. He is the Founder and Chair of a cross-institutional network called International Teaching and Learning Special Interest Group (visit: His passion is to support educators’ professional learning and development, and all his work is underpinned by a values-based approach. He is a committee member of the Living Values Education-British Isles. Currently, he is working as a Senior Lecturer in Academic Development at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK.

Jeff Conquest  is a long serving Middle School Head Teacherin the UK, with nearly two decades of commitment to Values-based Education in his school. Effective embedding of Values Education is most certainly about the culture of leadership and the synergy created with the staff. Jeff would be delighted to support newly appointed school leaders who are seeking culture establishment from their outset.

Simon Cowley

Claire Crossman  is a primary school teacher with a passion for positive behaviour support for children and adults alike. After a career drawn towards the challenges of behavioural settings and working across mainstream and specialised schools in the UK, Claire, along with a colleague, has founded Apollo Behaviour Support team, offering a fresh and personalised approach to supporting the challenges surrounding behaviour within our schools. Claire continues to teach, alongside Apollo Behaviour Support Team. See

Joanna Curry-Sartori is the visionary Founder and CEO of Self-Leadership Collaborative (SLC) in the USA. SLC provides training in self-leadership practices developed from the Internal Family Systems therapy model, designed to empower individuals to regulate their mental and emotional responses, enabling more impactful communications and collaborative relationships.  Initially created for educational settings, SLC programs have proven adaptable for diverse environments, including corporate and nonprofit organizations. To learn more about SLC’s mission, visit 



Sharon Dodgson an ex partner of TT International, a hedge fund, ex fund manager with 27 years experience in finance. She currently invests in start up companies specialising in ethical structures. 

André Double

Michael Downey has worked in various Leadership positions in Australian Catholic Schools.  He is a consultant worldwide with Matters of Great Importance, providing Professional Development, leading retreats, facilitating workshops, speaking at conferences, peer support and writing.  

Richard Dunn  is a former UK state school headteacher and now director of an education charity called The Harmony Project. The work of The Harmony Project is values-based and promotes a new way of learning inspired by Nature’s principles of Harmony. Richard is working with schools and educators in the UK and around the world, helping them to integrate sustainability and nature-connection into their curriculum.


Tony Eaude was previously the headteacher of a primary school in the UK. Since 2003 has worked independently and published widely in areas related to children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and how this can be nurtured. Details of Tony’s work are on

Sabrina Edwards

Wendy Ellyatt  is a Global Thinker and Change Agent who is actively promoting values-based regenerative systems transformation across sectors. She is Founder of the Flourish Project, Co-lead of the Galileo Commission's Worldviews Study, Co-Lead of the Unitive Age Co-Lab, Co-author of the Unitive Narrative, Founder of the Unitive Wisdom Collaborative,  Co-founder of Living Cities Earth, Chair of the UK Spirituality in Education Alliance (SIEUK) and Global Council member of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

Jann Ernest Fesalbon


Jaseena Faisal  is an English teacher living and has worked in Qatar for the past two decades. She is from India. She was a teacher at Qatar Foundation and worked there until last year.  She recently made her debut presentation on value-based education at a school in India. She is ambitious to do more by promoting VbE and collaborating with IVET.

Richard Farrer has been in practice as a traditional acupuncturist for 40 years. He is also a Chartered physiotherapist. He is midful to model and promote positive values in his work and private life as he sees them as an integral part of healing individuals and of transforming our world for the better!

Andrew Fuller is a clinical psychologist, family therapist, author, speaker and creator of Learning Strengths ™ in Australia. Andrew started working in psychiatric crisis teams with people who were at their last hopes and that inspired him to create with people, futures they can fall in love with. His work with over 4,000 schools and communities and with more than 500,000 young people has identified the concept of The Resilient Mindset and also the three main components of resilience- connect, protect and respect (CPR).


Tim George   is a founding member of Support'ed, an organisation rooted in Valued-Based Education and Gentle Teaching within the boundaries of Devon and Cornwall. Support'ed specialise in working with students who have faced challenges in formal education, utilising a multidisciplinary approach to assist them in rebuilding their lives and reintegrating back into the education system. Their holistic approach extends support to students, families, and the education system as a whole.

Stephanie Giles  

Scherto Gill is a Research Professor and Director of Global Humanity for Peace Institute, University of Wales Trinity St David. She is the author and co-author of 16 books, including Human-Centred Education (Routledge), Critical Narrative as Pedagogy (Bloomsbury), Ethical Education (Cambridge University Press), and Relational Evaluation in Education (Oxford University Press). Scherto chairs the G20 Interfaith Forum's Education Working Group, a Trustee of Lewes New School in England, and a Life Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (FRSA).

Jeannine Goh is psychology lecturer and the Co-Director of The Sanctuary at the Monastery Manchester. Passionate about values, Jeannine is the founder of the compassionate yet powerful listening service at The Monastery. She also leads on well-being and the vision for the Modern-Day Monastery as a beacon of good values in our often troubled but beautiful world

Owen Goode

David Green  leads the US Values Alliance, a group of US based consultants, professionals and academics that believe in the power of Values to help a healthier society emerge.  The group hosts gatherings as a way to deepen our practice and also form a peer support network as we each make our own contribution to the field of “Values” in action.


Simon Haas  is an internationally renowned author and teacher of yoga philosophy who specializes in applying yoga wisdom to everyday life. His widely acclaimed books, The Book of Dharma and Yoga and the Dark Night of the Soul, published in seven languages, have garnered international recognition. Simon regularly presents at leading institutions like the United Nations, connecting with audiences around the globe.

Tim Handley

David Harding  Headteacher for 14 years in the UK. Proud to have led three separate outstanding schools to become high performing values-based schools and proud to be a VbE consultant.

Ava Shabnum Hasan is an LSE graduate, and is soon to qualify as a counsellor. A passionate advocate for policies and practices that promote the mental wellbeing of children, students and all staff in schools, she set up Mentally Well Schools in 2019, to provide evidence-informed resources, programmes and CPD training to advance wellbeing in schools around the world. In addition, she is an Associate Lecturer on the ‘MSc Mental Health & Wellbeing in Education’ at Buckinghamshire New University. She has had a 20-year career in education, including several years as a SENDCo and Senior Leader in schools in England and internationally. 

Neil Hawkes is the founder of IVET Foundation and Values-based Education. He is known globally for his passion in helping humanity and our planet to flourish.

Jane Hawkes is a Trustee of IVET Foundation and a trainer in Values-based Education and its Inner Curriculum.  She is a IFS and TA psychotherapist working globally.

Lisa Hawkes  is a duel citizen of the UK and USA.  In the UK, she served for 6 years on Swindon's Borough Council and 10 years as a Governor of a secondary school.  Lisa now resides in Fort Collins, Colorado advocating a values-based system of working as co-owner of an art gallery that provides 30+ classes a month to the public. 

John Hendry  established Relationship based Education (RbE) in Australia. He maintains that life is entirely based and lived within relationships with others and with yourself. He created the Relational Quotient (RQ) which describes the capacity for people to form and sustain quality relationships. He consults with UNESCO, Parents Victoria, The FLOW Centre, and establishes highly engaged and collaborative school and business cultures based upon Kindness and Forgiveness. John is an expert in Restorative Justice and has presented at international conferences on his Relationship Reparation approach which is now successfully operating in schools.

He was pivotal in establishing the now worldwide focus on Student Wellbeing and has worked in Schools in Australia, Europe, South East Asia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, NZ, Canada and India.

Charlotte Hickerton is an experienced headteacher and executive leader, with a diverse background in both rural and urban educational settings in the UK. Specialising in Values-based Education, she is dedicated to securing outstanding outcomes for children. Currently, she serves as a Trust Headteacher in a large CofE Trust in Lincolnshire, where she trains headteachers and strengthens leaders across the organisation. Charlotte is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her work aligns values and vision to challenge prejudice and champion inclusion throughout the Trust's schools and throughout Lincolnshire.  

Frances Hickmott  is a writer and author in Canada, whose passion on the topic of Self-Leadership and values as one of its cornerstones, inspires her to continue to find ways to positively impact others. Frances is currently employed by the Canadian Mental Health Association of Thames Valley Addictions and Mental Health where she works to train, engage and support the volunteers who give their time on the mental health distress line.

Jonathan Hooper

Richard Howard has spent 60 years in the UK in education as a Headteacher, Chief Adviser, Chair of an Educational Charity and Special School Governor. He champions exciting practice for teachers and children and that they should be able to flourish and enjoy learning.

Vicky Huang is a joy-finding, purpose-seeking and adventure-loving individual who has been championing sustainability in her communities for over a decade with her enthusiasm and passion for empowering change. Vicky believes that education is the ultimate catalyst for positive and necessary change in our society, and that Values-based Education can tackle the root causes of our societal crises. Since middle school, Vicky has been fostering social and environmental change within a wide range of sectors, including all her educational spaces and academic institutions, various non-profit organizations, social enterprises, businesses, community groups and numerous student organizations. She holds a BSc (Hons), a Certificate in Knowledge Mobilization and a Master in the Management of Sustainable Development Goals (MSDG), in pursuit of spearheading sustainability education in an inclusive and effective manner.  Vicky currently works at Centennial Innovates, the applied research, innovation and entrepreneurship department of Centennial College, and is the Executive Director of Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice (LEAF) Canada. She is the designer of the Values-based Education for Sustainable Development (VbESD) framework, and endeavours to spread it throughout Canada and the world.



Sue Jones is the Senior Adviser for Values-based Education (VbE). She embodies values-based living and draws on her great experience as the former Head of a model Values-based School.


Paul Kabao is Director YES (Youth Education Support) that supports both VbE (Values-based Education), and REAP (Rights Education and Abuse Prevention) initiatives. He is also an ICT Entrepreneur, and a Master of Business in the Streets (MBS), an initiative that provides business skills training. He also facilitates Counselling in the Streets (CIS), an emotional wellness counselling initiative.

Ayoola Kehinde is someone who believes in IVET's vision for value-based societies and strives to live it, propagating its awareness.

Donia Keith is an experienced strategist and trainer in personal empowerment who offers values-based solutions to rooted, wicked problems. As a direct response to the deeply concerning low mental wellbeing within younger adults in the UK, and within Higher Education Provision in particular, she formed the community interest company, LifeRoute CIC, and in 2023 launched the Caring on Campus collective These not-for-profit initiatives offer ‘time-out to go-in’  opportunities to step back, review, refresh, and re-create.

Bridget Knight Bridget Knight is the teaching head of a primary school in the UK and CEO of Values-based Education Her background and experiences include headships, national advisory work in a range of sectors, and curriculum development. She is the co-editor of On the Subject of Values and the Value of Subjects (John Catt, 2022).

Peter Knox


Jasminder Lall

Lizzy Lewis has worked in education for the past 25 years as a teacher, teacher educator, senior charity manager, consultant and writer. She specialises in: Student Voice, Philosophy for Children (P4C), Oracy, Global Education, Mindfulness and Values-based Education (VbE).

Terry Lovat  is Emeritus Professor at The University of Newcastle, Australia, and holds a range of academic appointments at universities in the UK, Canada, and South Africa. He was the chief investigator of research projects that ran under the aegis of The Australian Values Education Program (2003-2010). He has written many books and articles on values-based education (VbE) and is a regular keynote presenter and consultant on VbE across the world. Terry is also an expert on Islam and Islamic Education. He is currently editing a handbook on Islamic Philosophy.

Anna Lubelska  is the initiator of The Peace Building UK charity and Chair of Trustees. Anna is motivated by the horrendous wartime experiences of her Polish family. Touched very personally by the devastation of war; she has been active in peace work all her adult life. She was awarded the Medal of Gratitude by the European Solidarity Centre for her international work in the 1980s supporting the movement for freedom in Poland. Anna is the Founder of the global Peaceful Schools Movement – helping schools to create peace within and beyond the student community.Her book, ‘How to be a Peaceful School’, was published in 2018, and she now presents awards to participating schools; celebrating projects that effectively promote peace – both conceptually and practically. Her next step in the journey towards a peaceful world will be the establishment of The Peace Building in London.  It will be a global centre of excellence in peace education. In the meantime – we have her virtual peace museum.

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